Pack your bags because we’re going on a trip to China!

But this isn’t for the tourists, it’s for the business owners…. 

If you are currently selling products you have sourced from local wholesalers and want to increase your profit margins, or need to source new products but don’t know where to start, or maybe have been in the game for a long time and are looking for something different

Then getting into the importing scene could be the one for you!

It’s an excellent opportunity to grow your business and open new products or source products you currently sell, getting them straight from the manufacturer at a fraction of the cost!

Interesting, right? But where do we begin?

Next Trip Date

21- 27 July 2024


15-21 September 2024

We begin in the wholesale markets of China!

Navigating these rich markets is no easy task, that’s why we created this all-in, hands-on sourcing trip for business owners who want to take away the overwhelm of sourcing products themselves…


I Will Build Agency’s 

Product Sourcing Trip!

An intensive week full of researching (shopping) and sourcing products just for your business.

Created by people who are passionate about helping others build businesses that don’t trade time for money.





This is your chance to learn from a team who have set up a team on the ground in China and taught this system to many people already.


Lisa Deeth

Owner of I Will Build Agency and Expert in Sourcing Products and importing from China

From selling on eBay to building her own successful 6 figure eCommerce business and Website and Marketing Agency, Lisa is incredibly experienced in setting up businesses and knows what it takes to succeed.

With a successful online business under her belt, Lisa wanted to know how she could increase her profit margins on her business.  The only way to do that was to get her products for a better price and she wanted to get to the manufacturers rather than the wholesalers.

She made her first trip to China in 2015 and her eyes were open to the opportunities and low prices but also the logistical issues when importing products successfully.  It took a few years, but Lisa built a team on the ground in China who are very experienced in all aspects of sourcing products, quality control, branding and labelling, customs paperwork and shipping products to Australia and the USA.

Lisa has taken many business owners on wholesale shopping trips to China and has helped them set up their businesses for success.

Will Deeth

Owner of I Will Build Agency and Expert in Sourcing Products and importing from China

From handling his own business to being Lisa’s partner-in-crime in running their own Website and Marketing Agency, Will has years of hands-on experience in building websites and businesses that help brand and aspiring business owners take charge and stand out.

What is this Trip All About?

This trip follows our signature 3T Formula which was created and fine-tuned after years of hosting these trips with fellow business owners!

China Sourcing Trip

It Begins with Travel

I Will Build Agency will take care of the logistics which include transport from the airport to your hotels, and five-star accommodation, including breakfast, all with fellow business owners.

Then, Testing comes next

It takes weeks or even months to source products, get samples, arrange labelling and then arrange the logistics to ship the goods. Through this trip, we aim to shave off most of that time by letting you experience over 70,000 wholesalers that offer a variety of products in person. You will have your own translator and guide who will assist you with asking the right questions about pricing, quality, packaging and quantities to order.


Imagine this: you can see and feel the products for yourself while having mentors hold your hand and give valuable insight that will help shortcut your product research for your business! You can also find products that complement your current range that you might never have thought of before.

China Sourcing Trip

Once you’ve identified your products, you will be receiving Training

Learning never stops, especially in the world of importing. Businesses need to be on top of market trends and commands in order to profit and scale sustainably.

That’s why we conduct training during the trip to make sure that you have all the tools needed to set up for success.

So how does the trip work in detail?

Accommodation Paid For

We want you to feel at home so we will book you into a western 5 star hotel. Your accommodation and breakfast will be provided. For lunch you can eat in the markets safely and for dinner you can choose to eat at the hotel or we can show you many local restaurants nearby.

Daily Guidance

Each morning we will meet before you head out into the markets, to guide you and answer any specific and situational questions you have about sourcing products. We are also available each evening to debrief.

Reasearch Documents

At the end of the trip you will receive an excel spreadsheet of your findings with details on minimum order quantities, and pricings. This will then become your shopping list for your orders. Our team will then assist you in placing your orders.

Prep-Training Program

That includes everything from preparing business-wise before arriving in China to getting the most out of the trip, preparing the documents for travelling to China, learning the culture and business etiquette, how to conduct negotiations for minimum order quantities, sourcing samples and complementary products and how to pay for said products.

In-Person Sample Purchases

You may have the chance to purchase product samples to take home, test and photograph. This is invaluable because you will be able to see and test the quality difference between products with your own eyes.

Your Own Personal Guide/Translator

You will be allocated an experienced sourcing guide who will also be your personal translator and they will take you through the markets and assist you in finding the products you want while negotiating on your behalf to ensure you get the best price possible.

How Much Does The Trip Cost?

What does the trip look like…

We start a long time before you set foot in China with some meetings to ensure we have planned out what you will be looking for and to have the right guide to find your wholesale products. We assist with documentaiton required for the trip.

The trip will then start with you arriving in China and you will have transport arranged to your 5 star hotel.

On Monday morning, you will meet with your own personal guide/translator who will have your week mapped out as we would have sent them your “shopping list” prior to your arrival. You will set out and start finding products.

Monday – Friday we will meet with you in the morning to ensure you have your day planned out and address any issues that may arrise from the previous day. We will also be around to debreif at the end of each day.

On the Friday, you last day of shopping, we will ensure you wrap things up and get in some personal shopping or even purchase a new suitcase for samples to bring home.

You will be staying in a 5 Star western hotel (Marriott) on the Executive level with a western breakfast buffet included each day as well as dinner and drinks in the lounge daily.

On Saturday, we will also arrange transport back to the airport. The trip doesn’t end there, we will be in touch with you to place you first order and include quality control and transport via sea to Australia.

The cost of your trip is only $15,000 (+ GST) for 2 people staying in the same room and must be in the same business.  If you wish to bring additional people or kids, please contact us for additional costs.   

These are all amazing, but how am I going to benefit from this?

Don’t worry! We definitely understand the sentiment. We could show you all the things you’ll get from the trip but it won’t ever connect unless we show you how it will specifically help YOU in your own business.

Just like any other trip, you’ll encounter moments that will change your life. The same happens with joining us in China!

That’s because…

You’ll learn a strategy for testing your products before wasting tons of money

Coming on this trip with people who have experienced importing products will take away the unnecessary leg work so that you can focus on what matters: using tried and tested tricks of the trade to build your e-commerce empire. All without one dollar wasted.

You’ll learn how to negotiate with Chinese suppliers

Language barriers don’t apply here! This trip will offer support in the form of a local guide and translator that will represent you when negotiating the best prices and fostering long-term relationships with factories which will be incredibly important in your business.

You’ll build lifetime relationships with like minded people

You will be rubbing shoulders for seven days with Will, Lisa and the team as well as all the other amazing people walking upon the same journey as you.

**Note while every best effort will be made to find all your products, not all products may be found on the initial trip and further sourcing may be required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Who is this trip for?

This trip is perfect for those who currently have a physical products business.

You may be just looking for new products or want to get your own branding on products you already have, and want to increase your profit margins, sourcing the products yourself.

Why should I attend?

This trip is the perfect opportunity for you to access the largest small commodities market in the world, meet with suppliers who offer a variety of products, try and test out those said products and negotiate minimum order quantities (MOQ) – all the while being guided with mentors and like-minded business owners.

But I can get my stock from Alibaba, why should I go?

While Aliabab is great for sourcing products, you don’t know who you are dealing with and don’t know who to trust. Imagine being able to touch and feel your products and talk to the manufacturer and even get your product branded with your logo on….  This is the major advantage of this trip.

What will I learn?

While on this trip you will learn all the aspects of importing products from China including how to negotiate pricing, get samples, know what to do when it comes to quality control and most importantly how to communicate with suppliers and manufacturers to get the best price for you!

You may also find complementary products for your current range.

What is the general trip itinerary?

We will begin the trip in Shanghai. You arrive on the Saturday and on the Sunday we will arrange a private tour of Shanghai, visiting some of the famous sites. We will have dinner together and the following day we will travel on the fast train to our destination city.

You will settle into your hotel and start to get the feel for the markets and the city.

The following morning we will all meet together and you will meet your personal guide and translator who will already have a plan mapped out for you. We will all head into the wholesale markets and we will give you a short run down on what to expect, how to get around and most importantly, how to get back to the hotel. Your guide will then take over and you will start looking for products.

Each evening we will be available for debrief as well as each morning. On the fifth day we encourage you to wrap up your sourcing and try to fit in a bit of personal shopping or you may even need to purchase a new suitcase.

The following day we will all say our goodbye and arrange  your transport back to the airport.

Are all costs covered?

Most costs are covered. You will need to arrange your own flights to and from China (we will provide recommended flights). We will arrange transport from the airport to the hotel as well as all accommodation in a 5 star hotel, breakfast and train fairs. 

You will need additional money for lunch, dinner and any taxi’s you may want to use.

Of course if you want to purchase samples, that is completely up to you and we can recommend how much you should take.

We will also be offering an additional 5 days before this trip for a guided tour of Beijing including a trip to the Great Wall of China.

Do I need a passport and visa to travel with you?

Yes! Every person travelling must have a valid passport as well as a Chinese visa. Make sure that your passport is valid with six months remaining in validity from the day you depart China. For your Chinese visa, we are going to coordinate with you to obtain the proper documents such as a visa invitation from our office in China.

What kind of food will we be eating?

Breakfast is a mixture of both western and eastern choices at the buffet. Lunch is generally held in the local markets where your guide will assist you in ordering or alternatively you can select from several western fast food or local restaurants. Dinner can be eaten at the hotel buffet or again local restaurants.

Can I stay after the sourcing trip?

You are most welcome to stay in China after the sourcing trip. Many of our clients like to go and visit the top tourist destinations in China while they are there. 

We will also be offering an additional 5 days before this trip for a guided tour of Beijing including a trip to the Great Wall of China.

What if I want to bring a partner?

We encourage people to work together! If you want to bring your life partner or business partner you can do so at no additional cost. You both must stay in the same room and have the same guide. If you wish to bring your children, please contact us and we can advise on additional costs.

Do I need to place any orders while in China?

No, when you return home you will receive a spreadsheet with a list of all of the products that you looked at and from there you can place an order for any item on that list.

Can I get my products branded?

Yes, we can arrange to have your products branded and provide advice and guidance on the best ways to go about this. This is the same for changing the packaging to get it personally branded.

What if I want to ship to the USA or a Fulfilment Centre?

If you wish to get your goods shipped to the US then we can help arrange the shipping and even help organise all the customs paperwork. If you wish to get it shipped somewhere else then we can talk to you about possibilities.

Does this trip also teach product validation techniques?

No, we can assist with some product research techniques but for the most part, it is up to the clients to know what they want.

If you’re ready to skyrocket past the competition and towards success then…


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