I Will Import

If you haven’t heard of them before, Lisa and Will are a family team that love importing. When Will was 13 he had the opportunity to travel with his Mum to China.
Lisa was already importing and selling products online so it only seemed natural to teach the very eager Will the same system.
With $900 of his own hard earned cash, he found 3 products that he imported back to Australia and started selling his products and making money straight away. His first Christmas (at age of 14) he made $10,000 in just 1 short week and has grown his business since then.

Lisa and Will have built and continue to run a number of businesses both online and offline.

They love to share what they have learnt with other people and help them along the same journey so they can also create a lifestyle of freedom.

Sourcing Trips

Join Us On A 7 Day Sourcing Trip

Are you waiting to get head and shoulders above your competition and sky-rocket your business above the rest?

Then this exclusive, hands-on experience is for you! A full week of sourcing products, building relationship with suppliers and like minded people, negotiating, and of course, finding the products you need

A FULL week of practical, hands-on experiences. Sourcing, negotiating and finding EXCEPTIONAL products.

Experts Will and Lisa Deeth, along with their established team in China, will walk you step-by-step through the process of finding high-quality products at wholesale prices PLUS show you first hand the art of negotiating!



We take you through step-by-step how we set up a highly profitable importing business.

Over the years we’ve developed and perfected a quick, easy system to generate profits from importing.
We’ll show you how we created a profitable importing business. We break it down into simple, powerful steps so you will have a clear plan to follow.
Whether you’re an existing business owner or a newbie, we can show you how an importing business can give you additional income into your life .
We’ve taught our system to many other people just like you and we’ll be showing you their awesome results, so you can learn first-hand from people really making money from importing.
Over the workshop we cover:
1. Plan your business – what will your business look like
2. Build your business – What platform will you grow your business on and what products will you sell
3. Grow your busuin – How to  expand and scale your business for success



I Will Import Training

  • Learn how to start, grow and scale your own store
  • Easy to understand videos
  • Designed for people who currently have a business and want to know how to scale
  • Also for those who want to know how to source their products from China and increase their profit margins

Please note: Just because you attend the training, we don’t guarantee you’ll get the same results as us. Not everybody who attends our training will be successful. Far from it! There are many people who attend our training and implement nothing, and as a result, they get nothing (except the information we provide). However, there are many people who attend our training who will apply the information and will be successful, in the end it is up to you…