I Will Import
China Sourcing Trip

July 2020
Limited Spaces

Are you waiting to get head and shoulders above your competition and sky-rocket your business above the rest?

Then this exclusive, hands-on experience is for you! A full week of sourcing products, building relationship with suppliers and like minded people, negotiating, and of course, finding the products you need.








A FULL week of practical, hands-on experiences. Sourcing, negotiating and finding EXCEPTIONAL products.
Experts Will and Lisa Deeth, along with their established team in China, will walk you step-by-step through the process of finding high-quality products at wholesale prices PLUS show you first hand the art of negotiating!

What is a Sourcing Trip?

5-Star Sourcing Trip for Sellers

Experience China the right way – Staying in nothing less than a 5-star hotel, with experienced sellers helping you to grow your business!

Hands-On Experienced Mentors

This trip is an opportunity to short cut your product research. With over 100,000 wholesalers at your fingertips, you will be sure to find the perfect product for you. you’ll be looked after while working hard on your business and have mentors helping entire way.

Increase Your Profit Margins

Instantly increase your profit margins by finding new, old and complimentary products as well as potentially finding current products at a fraction of the cost.

And so much more…

Networking Opportunities

This is a great opportunity to spend time with other like-minded people on the same journey as yourself, giving you the chance to share stories, swap ideas, and build life-long business relationships.
Each morning we will meet before you head out into the markets, to guide you and answer any specific and situational questions you have about sourcing products. We also meet each night to debrief and have discussions over dinner.

Daily Guidance

Hands-On Product Testing

This is a great opportunity for you to touch, feel, and test the products to help you decide on the quality you want.It’s also a great chance to arrange packaging and branding, and all the essential details for your products.
While over there you will have the chance to purchase product samples to take home, test and photograph.This is invaluable because you will be able to see and test the difference between products with your own eyes.

In-Person Sample Purchases

Research Documents

Each day you’ll receive an excel spreadsheet of your findings from the previous day. When you get home, you will receive an email from your new team in China with a copy of the whole spreadsheet in detail plus details on how to place orders in the future.  Our team becomes your own personal sourcing team.
You will be allocated an experienced sourcing guide who will take you through the markets and assist you in finding the products you want while negotiating on your behalf to ensure you get the best price possible.

Your Own Personal Guide/Translator

(Almost) Everything Paid For

To make things easy for you, we have nearly everything paid for. You will only be required to pay for your lunch,  product samples and taxi fares. We will take you out for dinner on the last night to celebrate new beginnings. You can also have the opportunity to join us on a day trip to Shanghai on the Fast Train or join us at the local night markets or even get a Chinese massage.
When you land in China, we will have your transport sorted to and from the airport or train. We also offer a full day of sightseeing in the beautiful city of Shanghai travelling to and from on the bullet train.

Transport Sorted During Event


Pre-trip instructions on how to prepare for international travel, what to bring, health considerations, and what to expect in Chinese culture

Visa invitation letter from our office in China to you (this is required to get your Visa) plus instructions on how to apply for your visa  

How to prepare yourself business-wise before you arrive in China, to ensure you get the most out of your trip

How to ask the right questions, negotiate minimum order quantities (MOQ) and get the best deals with suppliers

How to pay for your products, quality control and ensure you get what you ordered

How to find complementary products for upsells, to increase your average order value

How to identify the difference between a trading company and a manufacturer (plus the pros and cons of each)

How to ask for samples and get all the details you need, so you don’t forget where the sample came from

How to place orders with suppliers from this trip and for future orders



We’ll provide hands-on support to assist in building your business, along with daily guidance throughout the trip to ensure you have a successful week.


Meet the best suppliers while viewing and sourcing the hottest products all while attending the Largest Small-Commodities Market in the WORLD!!


Let us help you experience China and grow your business, while staying in nothing less than 5-star hotels so that you can Experience China the right way!


To make sure you get the absolute best experience from your sourcing trip we’ll work with you both before AND afterwards to ensure that we provide you with all the support we can!

What you can expect to gain from this trip

Lifetime friendships with expert importers

You will be rubbing shoulders for seven days with Will, Lisa and the team as well as all the other amazing people walking upon the same journey as you.

Learn a strategy for testing your products before wasting tons of money

We will help you build up your business empire by showing you the tricks of the trade as well as having the possibility of purchasing smaller quantities at a fraction of the cost. You will have access to enough product ideas and techniques to last you a lifetime as you build up your e-commerce empire

Learn how to negotiate with Chinese suppliers

When you arrive in China you will receive your own personal sourcing Guide / Translator / Agent who will negotiate for you the very best prices as well as the possibility to help you build irreplaceable relationships with factories that will reward your for years!

Visit the Worlds Largest Commodies Market

More than 100,000 vendors under one roof representing the majority of chinese factories, covering 59 million square ft. You will be hanging out with Lisa and Will for a full week, exploring the amazing markets, finding weird and wonderful products and niches while building relationships with Chinese suppliers.

Pre-Trip Training

Before we take off for China, you will receive coaching sessions from Will and Lisa, to ensure you are prepared for the trip.  These will be in the format of video training as well as some live webinars and a 1:1 call from our team.


Lisa Deeth

Lisa Deeth

I Will Import Co-founder

Lisa started selling on eBay back in 2007 and decided she didn’t like the profit margins when purchasing products from wholesalers locally and wanted to make the same amount of money but only half the work. She still sells on eBay but has multiple ecommerce platforms and loves teaching others how become financially free and live the true laptop lifestyle.

Today she, along with Will teach others how to get started importing and create the lifestyle that suits them best.

Will Deeth

Will Deeth

I Will Import Co-founder

At the age of 14 started his importing journey with a trip to China.  He imported just 3 items and in 1 week sold his stock and made $10,000. He has since gone on to do over 7 figures and is only 17 years old.  He loves teaching others the processes and systems he has put in place to making importing and selling as easy as possible.
Tiffany Deeth

Tiffany Deeth

Trip Coordinator

As well as being the big sister to Will, Tiffany has striven to carve her own path in life. Tiffany is currently the owner of her own online business which she started when she was much younger while also assisting the mother and son team to successfully help as many people as possible.

Although Will is driven by business and the benefits that go along with it Tiffany is driven to help other people less fortunate in life and is currently studying Occupational Therapy at University to further reach these goals while growing her online business with the goal of using it to fund her endeavours or helping people!


Why should I attend?
This trip will be the perfect way to grow and magnify your business rapidly and effectively! During this week you will be able to touch and feel the your products as well as find complimentary products rather than spending weeks or even months going back and forth with samples trying to find the right one. Not to mention that this will be a week of high intensity training where you can ask like minded people in depth questions while focusing solely on your business
Who is this trip for?
This trip is perfect for those who have already taken the first steps towards creating an importing business and selling physical products online and wanting take their business to the next level

You may be just looking for new products, wanting to get your own branding on products or just looking for new products on the market, this trip is for you

Do I need to place any orders while in China?
No, when you return home you will receive a spreadsheet with a list with all of the products that you looked at and from there you can place an order for any item on that list.
What will I learn?
While on this trip you will learn all the aspects of importing products from china including how to source products directly, negotiate pricing, get samples, know what to do when it comes to quality control and most importantly how to communicate with suppliers and manufactures to get the best price for you.
Can I get my products branded?
Yes, we can arrange to have your products branded and provide advice and guidance on the best ways to go about this. This is the same for changing the packaging to get it personally branded.
Is airfare to & from China included?
No, due to having many international people attending from various countries. however if anyone would like assistance to arrange or coordinate their travel plans or would like to extend or shorten there trip then they would just have to get in touch.
What if I want to ship to the USA/Fulfillment Centre?
If you wish to get your goods shipped to the US then we can help arrange the shipping and even help organize all the customs paperwork.

If you wish to get it shipped somewhere else then we can talk to you about possibilities.

Do I need a passport & visa to travel with you?
Yes! Every person travelling MUST have a valid Passport! Every person travelling must also acquire a Chinese Visa. As long as your Passport is valid (with 6 months remaining from the day you depart China), we can work with you and help you obtain the correct visa!
What kind of food will we be eating?
Breakfast is a mixture of both western and eastern choices at the buffet.  Lunch is generally eaten in the local markets where your guide will assist you in ordering or alternatively you can select from several western fast food or local restaurants. Dinner can be eaten at the hotel buffet or again local restaurants
Can I stay after the the sourcing trip?
You are most welcome to stay in China after the sourcing trip. Many of our clients like to go and visit the top tourist destinations in China while they are there.

(We can definitely recommend Shanghai Disney, and The Great Wall!) Let us know and we can direct you to the some local professional guides we have personally used who can provide a personalized guided trip.

What if I want to bring a partner?

We love it when people work together and we actually encourage it.  If you want to bring your life partner or business partner you can do so for only $1,999.

You both must stay in the same room and have the same guide.

If you wish to bring your children, please contact us and we can advise on additional costs.

What’s the full cost of the trip?
The full cost of the trip is $9,997. There are no additional fees or upsells. We’ll cover nearly everything – including hotel, most meals, transport to and from the airport (whilst in China). We won’t cover personal expenses like midnight snacks, product purchases, or taxi’s.
Can I split my payment up into installments?
You can reserve your spot today for $1,000. Your remaining balance will be due 4 weeks before the departure date of our trip.

We ONLY offer small group trips! Once a trip fills, it is closed till the next trip!

Can I bring my spouse or business partner?
Absolutely! If you’re staying in the same room with your spouse or business partner, the cost for 1 additional person will be only $1,497. We will provide you with a discount coupon code so they can register. If you wish to bring any other additional persons/children, please contact us at
I have additional questions – how can I reach you?I have additional questions – how can I reach you?
You can email our team at