“Create a successful  importing business.”

Learn practical step by step tactics and behind the scenes secrets to build, grow and scale a successful importing business at this powerful event!!

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Who are Lisa and Will Deeth?

If you haven’t heard of them before, Lisa and Will are a family team that love importing.
As a family they have been selling online for over 10 years and importing for the last 6 years.
Importing became the vehicle to increase profit margins and give them financial freedom.

Will at age 17 makes over 6 figures from Importing

When Will turned 14, and was given the opportunity to travel with his mum Lisa to China for a week. He asked if he could take his savings and purchase some goods to sell.

  • Will was able to take his savings and pocket money and make his first purchase
  • He only picked out 3 products for his first order 
  • He followed a system for importing and selling
  • And turned it into over $10,000 in sales in one short week 
  •  Not even 12 months later Will was on track to do well over 6 figures in sales

Here’s what Louise had to say about our event

“The course was presented with honesty and transparency. They gave you information relevant to starting an importing business.”
Rhonda Nash – Lockyer Valley


Mark B

Richard and Theo









In this workshop Lisa and Will are going to share with you their system they use to get their importing success. Lisa will freely admit that it was a steep learning curve with lots of mistakes along the way

But now they have done the hard yards, and know what works and what doesn’t

At the event they’ll show you inside their business so you can see first hand how they do it and how you can to.

Debbie W
TM Essentials
I went with Lisa on my first buying trip to China to source new products in July 2013. Lisa’s knowledge and understanding of buying in China was indispensable, plus the opportunity to buy small lots in a shared container saved me thousands. Having someone to show you the ropes and connect with the right people is indispensable. Without the support, knowledge and networking I would not have been able to build my business to the stage it is.

So what’s the Training Program about?

This program takes you step by step through the process to set up a highly profitable importing business – really quickly! Even if you have no niche, no product and no list.

Over the years we’ve developed and perfected a quick, easy system to generate profits from importing

We’ll show you exactly how to create a profitable importing business. And here’s the thing – it’s not rocket science! We break it down into simple, powerful steps. So by the end of the workshop you will have a clear plan to follow.

Whether you’re an existing business owner or a newbie, we can show you how an importing business can give you additional income into your life

We take you step by step through a simple process, and show you how a successful Importing business is built.

We’ve taught our system to other people just like you and we’ll be showing you their awesome results over the three days of training. So you can learn first-hand from people really making money from importing

A must attend as this opportunity can change your life in a short time.

Barb Peters, Retail Sales, Toowoomba

What’s so great about an importing business?

An Importing business gives you choices
Choices on how you want to live your life
Choices on how and where you can spend your time and money
It is hard work, don’t get me wrong but you are not trading time for money
A few short weeks of working hard and then just maintain your business

When and Where Is It?

The event runs for one day – 8th of August via zoom
The call will run from approximately 9:30am to 4:30pm and with include 4 sessions and allow for multiple breaks throughout the day (depending on how many questions we get asked!).
Because we take you through a step-by-step process it’s important that you attend every session. You don’t want to miss one piece of the puzzle!

Who is the training suitable for?

  • You are a Business owner wanting cheaper supplies to enjoy the benefits of making larger profits?
    You’re maybe going ok, but your current supplier’s prices are always going up.
    You hear stories of other businesses are saving heaps of money sourcing their products from China and you want to know how to “crack it” yourself.
    You are looking for someone who already has the contacts, has overcome most of the problems and has a proven track record you can learn from.
  • You have never imported anything before, but you would like to learn how to create extra income?
    You feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of learning a new system with all the moving parts, but you know that you’re missing out on big opportunities if you don’t give it a go.
    Maybe you’re a bit nervous about “what if it doesn’t work? I don’t want to waste a lot of time, and I have friends and family telling me that it just can’t be done”! (We know, we got that too when we first started!).
    You may not even have a clear importing business idea, but you want to get one! Or you may have an idea but you’re looking for someone to show you a system on how to make it a reality.
  • You are wanting to launch a new business, so you can be in control of your life and become financially free?
    You are currently selling your time for money working for someone else, in conditions that are less than ideal. You find yourself waking up each morning to the same grind, unmotivated and unfulfilled making your employer a little richer each day. You are looking for a simple easy proven strategy for replacing your income. You like the freedom of being your own boss and working the hours that suit you.

Must do for anyone who is serious about importing and wanting to financially make a change in their life – Nicole

Go… What have you got to lose. If you are looking at importing, this is a very informative program. – Sandy

It is information that you will not get from researching online – Grant

I have enjoyed this presentation sooo much! I felt like I have learnt an enormous amount about an area I had very little knowledge of – Ella

What’s different about our training?

  • The 3 days cover a step-by-step process.
    Of designing your business, building your business and most importantly growing your business. Each session follows logically from the one before. It’s not a set of random, 90-minute sales pitches.
  • Our teaching is fun, inspiring and simple.
    Because of our firsthand experience, we know how to get our ideas across in an easy-to-learn and fun way. We include lots of examples that you can relate to and get onto the web sites to show you exactly how we do things.
  • It’s not a “sales-fest”
    We make one main offer, and that’s to have a 1hour conversation with us after the event. We don’t invite you to “run down the back and you need to be quick”. If you’re going to work with us then it needs to be the right decision for all concerned.
  • We invite successful real life customers/importers to share their experience and tell you what they’ve achieved.
    It’s one thing for us to teach you, but better to hear first-hand the experience from others with what they did to succeed.
  • We don’t tease you with a little bit of information and then ask you to buy something to get the real stuff.
    You’ll be able to take what you learn at our event and make money from it immediately. Without buying anything. We will show you how and where to get started that day.

Definitely worth it. Great information given in a really easy to understand format – Merrin

Exactly what are we covering?

Over the three days of the event we walk you through the process we use to source products and build our business. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • You’ll learn their simple system and why it’s unique. You’ll immediately see why it works so well, and why it runs rings around other systems.
  • Will and Lisa have a different system to any other importing training out there. It’s what has enabled them to build their business and continue to build.
  • They will show you how to work the numbers to know if a product will work or not. This alone can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.
  • One previous customer followed their system for the last 3 years and now are making over $1million a year in sales.

Would certainly suggest to anybody, especially if they are green to importing and or e-commerce. Your offer is a great business plan with ongoing opportunities

Eljay Driessens, Multiple Business Owner, Terranora NSW

  • How to identify hot products and where to look for them. Will and Lisa will show you the tools they use and their criteria when looking for products. By the end of the first session you should have a bunch of great ideas for what you can sell
  • You’ll learn step by step how to turn an ok product into a WOW product and get that competitive edge.
  • Importing your products is just one component of your business, the next is where to sell your goods. Will & Lisa will show you what they have done to maintain a sustainable business and create multiple streams of income.
  • How to upscale your business, going from just a small income on the side to either a large-scale income on the side or take it to full time.
  • You’ll also hear from current customers who have used this simple system and are making it work and are on their way to financial freedom, you’ll find this really inspiring!
  • We all know that branding recognition is important so we will show you some methods to brand yourself and get the recognition that brings return customers time and time again.
  • We know that traffic to your ecommerce store is money, so we will show you an easy method on how to channel that traffic and capture your clients.
  • Yes, it will be a jam-packed day. You’ll finish up with enough info to create your own successful importing business.

Julie Densley
I went with Lisa on a buying/product sourcing trip to China to find ladies fashion, accessories and to find new products. I learnt how to identify and select appropriate products to purchase and my guide and Lisa were able to show me a large range of options to consider. I was able to find my products and they were imported back to Australia. This experience taught me more knowledge and understanding of purchases and business aspects.

Check out Will’s interview with Kochie on Sunrise

What are we selling?

At the event we make one main offer for those who would like to continue their training with us. We have a high-level coaching program that includes a very practical aspect, and if you’d like to be considered for a place in that program (we only take a handful of clients a year), then we ask you to fill out an application form. We talk to you the week after the event so we can jointly decide if the program will suit you. We’re not into hard-sell. We’re not cheap. We DO get results. ‘Nuf said?

What if I have other questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email or go to our Facebook page. Links are at the bottom of this page.


How do I book?

Any of the “Book Now” buttons on the page will take you to the registration form. Please double check the spelling of your name, as this is what will appear on your name tag.

If you’d like to bring a friend then you can register them after you have registered yourself where you will be given the opportunity to book in a guest.

Even though this event is FREE for the 3 days and we need to ensure everyone is registered to gain entry.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Will & Lisa Deeth


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